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KANEBO - SENSAI Cellular performance Emulsion II + Lotion II review

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Lead a life of beauty . With SENSAI...

''Everyone has a beauty that is uniquely their own, based on their innate nature and the life they lead. SENSAI respects this individuality, and is ready to help enhance the unique beauty.

Emulsion II (Moist)
Rich balancing emulsion. Imparts a youthful vitality, wrapping the skin in a smooth, moist veil.
Lotion II  (Moist)
Rich and smooth lotion that briskly firms the skin, saturating it with youthful moisture.

I was given a very generous 30 ml size sample of this Kanebo products at Sephora while ago, and couldn't wait to try it, especially considering that I've never heard about this company before !
This Emulsion II is for normal to dry skin, which is almost tailored to my at this time of the year.
I have to admit that it is quite rich emulsion in a really light way. Is watery and sink deep into the layers of  skin provide it with nourishment.
The smell is extremely subtle, barely perceptible. The skin is left soft, moisturized and elastic. You can really feel and see the difference. :)

When it comes to Lotion II (which must be used before Emulsion II)  I have to admit - I fell in love with it!! :)
It prepares the skin to more effectively absorb ingredients in all crams ,emulations used afterwards.
Pure moisture -  A wonderful, soft, very moisturizing toner. My skin has never felt this way before.

Can't say enough about those product! Worth its price for sure. :)


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