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Urban Decay Naked 2 palette review ,swatches & photos

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The best Eye shadow Palette ever :)

When the first Urban Decay Naked Palette was released in stores, has been sold out for several months ahead, and very quickly became a palette of all time'' Worlds best eye shadow palette''. Needless to say that Naked 2 was the long-awaited for me :) I finally managed to add it to my collection, for which I would like to thank my dear'' other half'' :) :)

The first four tones are warm, the next four are neutral and the last four shades are cooler.

In the package you get 12 shadows, matte and shimmering colours .This palette also comes with a full size brush crease and shadow brush and mini Lip Junkie lip gloss in pink and brown tones Naked. At first glance it seemed to be that this range was divided into one half of the warm colours and cool colours the other half, and I think that's a great idea, as the previous palette is all very warm and gold.

Now lets get NAKED :)

1.Foxy: it is a pale beige-yellow colour with matte finish. .Ideal to impose just below the eyebrows because it visually opens the eye and soothes the darker shadows.

2.Half Baked: copper bronze with gold pearl sheen. Great smooth texture . It is also on  the first Naked palette.

3.Bootycall: it shimmery-glossy pink, it looks beautiful in the inner corners of the eyes to really brighten them. My favourite :)

4.Chopper: This is a copper shade with a fairly thick brocade. Absolutely gorgeous colour :).

5.Tease: is the second of three matte shades in this palette. Dirty violet-brown colour. It is quite interesting, pretty shade, perfect for girls with green eyes :)

6.Snakebite: a beautiful bronze with gold pearl sheen. The texture is really soft and buttery with excellent pigmentation.

7.Suspect: This shade of champagne and bronze metallic sheen. Another favourite of mine :)

8.Pistol: very interesting brownish-grey , also my favourite! Due to the effect of the duo, I think it looks really great as a single colour on the eyelid :)

9.Verve: pale beige-grey with a pink tinge. Simply beautiful ...

10.YDK: This is a warm, coppery-brown colour with a beautiful sheen. It looks great in combination with Busted.

11.Busted: deep brown with warm golden implied. Perfect for Smokey eye for green eyes!

12.Blackout: it's really intense, deep dark black with a matte finish :)

All shadows are very soft and have a great distribute. The quality is excellent, deep pigmentation, which makes it efficient :) colour last on eyelids all day :) And with a primer, you can even safely'' run'' in makeup;)

The kit comes with a brush. One end has a Good Karma Shadow brush, brush that is exactly flat, synthetic, great for thick application of colour, the other end of the Good Karma Crease brush, fluffy, more rounded brush to create definition in the outer corner of the eye, as well as colour blending.

It's really functional addition to the palette, especially considering that each of these brushes purchased separately costs £ 14! Both are very good quality, and in use that are great :)

This is a complete surprise - a mini lip gloss  NAKED colour, looks very natural on the lips, but to be honest I am not a fan of it. I think that it would be better to add primer into this palette , as it is  in the previous palette, you agree with me?

Personally, I am in love with UD Naked 2 .I love  especially that it includes both gloss and matte shades. Package it is more aesthetically and pleasing, and a large mirror inside is a big plus :)

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette is a'' must have'' :)


Hannah Lambert on 3 May 2013 at 18:18 said...

Just come across your blog, your posts are great especially the pictures you feature!

Check out my blog if you have time - I'm new! Happy to hear tips and suggestions, feel a bit at sea!


Martha Z. on 3 May 2013 at 21:51 said...

Thank you x x

Tessa: on 4 May 2013 at 22:56 said...

Love love, the perfect colors!

Megan Maguire on 5 May 2013 at 10:43 said...

Such a good, detailed review! :-)

I'm doing a giveaway on my blog if you're interested xo

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