Monday, 13 May 2013

How to effectively conceal bags under eyes- beauty tip :)

Posted by A small Cat at 13:35

Cover up bags under the eyes is a big skill. But no impossible!

Face with puffy eyes tend to age your appearance more than wrinkles or grey hair. Bags under the eyes can have a very different background, they may be a sign of exhaustion, bad night's sleep on a regular basis or even disease. To get rid of the annoying problem sometimes it's enough just to use the appropriate under the eyes cream, but it does not always work, and then what to do?

I know a simple way used by make-up artists, through which they manages to hide them.

Stylist contrary to generally clear principle  light colours to highlight and dark colours to hide - apply a light concealer to hide the bags under the eyes.

The sun light usually falls on our face from above, so the swelling under the eye creates a shadow. Lighting up a place - that is imposing light coloured concealer just below the '' bags'' were the shadow is, will bring it up ,thanks to what, the shadows visually retreat !!
I do not have bags under eyes so I can not demonstrate this method on myself, but I know for sure that it is very effective and '' magical' ' :)
I enclose for you this pic I found, and I will explain a little better how to do it :)

This is addition to your daily cosmetic routine. After skin is moisturized and cover with foundation, it  is best to use a brush with a pointed tip and apply concealer at least two shades lighter only in the place where bags created the shadow, and gently pat with fingertip in order to achieve a better finish.

This technique requires improvement, for sure, but once you manage to do it accurately it will not only helps you look younger, but also improve self - confidence :)
Because you know you look good once you feel better :)
Hope you find it useful :)


Kay on 13 May 2013 at 17:46 said...

I've been pretty lucky. I don't usually get bags under my eyes. I'm more prone to dark circles which I hide well with an eye roller and white eyeshadow blended in well.

Martha Z. on 13 May 2013 at 18:40 said...

I don't have bags under eyes either, and just like you ,I have dark circles, I must try your method, sound interesting :) Thank you :)

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