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Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Colour review

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 Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Colour

As a person who dye my hair for over 11 years, I am very aware of the impact of these compounds on their condition. Believe me I've tried just about every brand available in stores, but somehow I've never been fully satisfied with results. Just a few months ago on the market appeared'' breakthrough in home hair coloring'', so I had to try this out:)

Most people probably think that all hair colours are generally the same, and the end of the end result is the same, but this is not true, many of them have a very different impact on the nutrition of hair.

What is the difference gives the Garnier Olia?

In contrast to conventional hair dyes Olia uses only a mixture of 60% natural oils to achieve colour. .Oils are used instead of other chemicals to stimulate the dyeing process. It is a much more delicate way ,while its still protecting hair.

It is the first company that releases permanent hair dye WITHOUT AMMONIA! :) Sounds like a dream and I will say briefly - This product exceeded my expectations :)

  Available in 20 shades ranging from intense black with deep red, beautiful brown to very light blond. :) My ideal colour is no. 5.0 Brown

The applicator has a rather unique shape of the bottle, so pretty '' raindrop'' that fits perfectly in your hands which certainly helps application :)The consistency of the product is neither too liquid nor too thick ,absolutely does not drip from the hair :) Super easy to apply and distribute :)

It has a very glossy look and feel makes an impression as if the hair were covered with silk :) The smell is AMAZING!! So floral and delicate ... a pleasure :)

Although the guide is written'' left on the hair for 10 minutes'' I hold it for about half an hour. Washes sensational and leaves no colour on scalp, which always annoyed me in particular because other hair dye I 've used leave me looking funny and patchy. Conditioner included in the package is very good, is enough for some use :)

The end result - GREAT. My hair is very soft, nourished, super-shiny and perfectly dyed, and remained so until the next colouring :)

Overall, I am very pleased that I  tried  Garnier Olia , I use it since it came out on the market, and finally stopped looking for another! Without ammonia, so delicate and yet superbly performing, what more could you possibly want?

Let me know if you also have Garnier Olia obsession?


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