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St Ives Elements Moisturising Olive Scrub review & photos

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St Ives Elements Moisturising Olive Scrub

It smoothes the skin and adds natural energy :)

 St Ives Olive scrub, contains natural particles that exfoliate dead skin cells while moisturizing and regenerating the skin. Olive oil helps to nourish the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

  I LOVE skin range products from St Ives, and as I can remember I use
apricot scrub,which was one of my favourites scrubs, but  recently i wanted to try something new.When I saw this New St Ives Moisturising Olive Scrub ,I could not resist not to try it!
Unlike the apricot scrub, this one was much better. Less harsh (not harsh) and a good scrub overall.
In contrast to other products, St Ives Olive Scrub has a different consistency - sticky, thick and creamy, and it stays like this when applied.
The beads were great at exfoliating, lovely olive scent and very soothing. Left my skin feeling refreshed and revitalised.
It does not have too many particles but enough to gently peel off dead skin. It is very delicate.

It is ideal for those days when we feel that our skin does not necessarily need a strong scrub, but still  feels like it needs  gently peel off and cool down.

St Ives Elements Olive leaves skin feeling fresh and olive oil penetrates deeply, leaving it moisturized  and simply great :)
The product is very efficient :)
Available in every drugstore :)

I would definitely recommend it  :)


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