Saturday, 4 May 2013

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner review & photos

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Applying eyeliner has never been so easy! :)

This gel eyeliner that comes in a lovely jar, which definitely makes it stand out from other liners,it's by far my best, most durable and most intensely black product EVER! :) :).

I was surprised by the ease with which I was able to draw a precise, clear, nicely finished line for the first time! :)
Brush, which at first glance appears to be absolutely no use, turned out to be perfect, it is suitable to do both thin and thick line :)

Gel is incredibly creamy and wonderfuly "slides" on the eyelid during application.
The degree of pigmentation delights, black is really deep, and little product is enough for a decent lash, which automatically makes it a very efficient :) :) :)
It's dry quite quickly. It's not very shiny or matt i would rather say it has nice satin finish.

Long-term effect?

I will not say that I was able to test its strength by 24h (as promised by the manufacturer), but 12 hours without any blur, reflections and color fading checked as passed!!! :) :)
The lines remained in exactly the way as moments after application.
I love this eyeliner even though have it on quite recently, I know that it will be hosted permanently in my make-up bag.

I highly recommend it :) I am sure that Maybelline Lasting Drama will be a precious little gem in my make up bag  :)


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