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Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

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Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer

There are many concealer formulas to choose from at the drugstore. Sometimes it's overwhelming knowing which one is going to work for your skin. I usually go for liquid-type products, they tend to make the lightest shades. I decided to give Maybelline's new Dream Lumi Touch a try since it claims to highlight, conceal, and brighten all in one.  Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch has a gel based formula,that is moisturizing, pigmented and  blends out easily. This comes in a twist pen, so you can just twist the bottom and proceed to brush the product on. To me, the twist-pen makes this so easy to apply, the brush is neither too hard nor too soft. You can easily travel with this and apply it on the go.
Brightens and conceals at the same time providing a natural look. This concealer is meant to be used on areas where you want to get rid of some darkness like the under-eye area, sides of the nose, etc., and to even out minor imperfections
I use it where I need to highlight my face, like I use it under the eye in a V shape. On the bridge of the nose & continuous flared
out some strokes on the forehead, on the side of the mouth.
Available in about six shades, my perfect colour is Ivory :)

Dream Lumi Touch perfectly moisturizes the skin and does not dry up and the biggest
advantage is that it doesn't settles into fine lines and is pretty durable :)

Overall, this concealer is good ,but it may not actually do the job for individuals with really dark under eye issues. I would definitely repurchase :)
I love the effect that it gives. It looks very healthy & the highlighted area look naturally bright!


Meenakshi Bhagat on 28 December 2014 at 05:39 said...

which shade you applied. it looks so natural. i want to know the name of the shade.

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