Tuesday, 16 July 2013

KANEBO - SENSAI Cellular performance Emulsion II + Lotion II review

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Lead a life of beauty . With SENSAI...

''Everyone has a beauty that is uniquely their own, based on their innate nature and the life they lead. SENSAI respects this individuality, and is ready to help enhance the unique beauty.

Emulsion II (Moist)
Rich balancing emulsion. Imparts a youthful vitality, wrapping the skin in a smooth, moist veil.
Lotion II  (Moist)
Rich and smooth lotion that briskly firms the skin, saturating it with youthful moisture.

I was given a very generous 30 ml size sample of this Kanebo products at Sephora while ago, and couldn't wait to try it, especially considering that I've never heard about this company before !
This Emulsion II is for normal to dry skin, which is almost tailored to my at this time of the year.
I have to admit that it is quite rich emulsion in a really light way. Is watery and sink deep into the layers of  skin provide it with nourishment.
The smell is extremely subtle, barely perceptible. The skin is left soft, moisturized and elastic. You can really feel and see the difference. :)

When it comes to Lotion II (which must be used before Emulsion II)  I have to admit - I fell in love with it!! :)
It prepares the skin to more effectively absorb ingredients in all crams ,emulations used afterwards.
Pure moisture -  A wonderful, soft, very moisturizing toner. My skin has never felt this way before.

Can't say enough about those product! Worth its price for sure. :)



Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Make Up For Ever SEN'S EYES Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser review

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Hi beauty lovers!!

I often wear a lot of eye makeup, and I can't remove this and all stubborn make-up with one wipe, no way!! It happens that I give up use waterproof mascara only because I know how hard it will be to clean and how much it will irritate my eyes.

I got this Sen'sEyes as a 2x 25ml samples from Sephora. Make Up Forever claims it instantly removes impurities and even waterproof makeup on the most sensitive eyes.I was really excited to try it because I figured I found a product that won't burn my eyes -I have to say I was so wrong!
 And not only did it  burn and sting extremely bad, and it's so thick lotion-like in consistency that it takes forever just to get in onto a cotton round (good to see the full size comes with a pump!)  
I couldn't believe how badly it stung my eyes and didn't do such a bang up job of removing all of my WP mascara either !! It seemed to smear it all over my eye area instead of picking it up onto the cotton pad like other make-up removers I've tried.

I love the idea of this product, but sadly it really just didn't work out for me.
If you're looking for a great waterproof eye make-up remover that doesn't sting your eyes, try  SEPHORA Waterproof  ( review here )  best I've ever tried ! 

What's your favourite eye makeup remover?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

ArtDeco eyeshadow base review

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 ARTDECO is unique, and much more than just a makeup collection...

Germany's number one cosmetics brand, ARTDECO is a high quality, comprehensive line of cosmetics that let you achieve a beautifully flawless look, everyday :)
This is my first ever product form this brand and I have to admit I am impressed!!
It has been introduced and given to me by my ''fairy in law '' after she raved about how great it is! :)
This cream product comes in a cute little black plastic pot. It  has a neutral colour with a slight iridescence that once applied to the lid goes transparent even though swatched it has a bit of a pearl finish .It has a discrete floral scent, that quickly disappears :)
Trust me I don't ever wear eyeshadow without first applying base! It makes all the difference in the world in the way your eyeshadow will look and behave.
ArtDeco base is very easy to apply, I use the concealer brush(Sephora 46) to first apply it from the pot, but then I also use my fingers to spread it more evenly,it has deliciously creamy texture making it a dream to work with.
It makes eyeshadow pigmentation very intense, it really brings out the colour, which means that you have to use less eyeshadow than before - this is already fantastic and what's most important it lasts all day long with no creasing at all !!!
This base not only is absolutely amazing but is also contains Bisabolol which neutralizes the colour of the eyelid and Vitamin E to nourish and protect the sensitive skin.

Artdeco Eyeshadow Base is definitely worth a try :)
Really great product - especially for the price!
I highly recommend it!! :)

Friday, 7 June 2013

Benefit Benetint Cheek And Lip Tint review

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...it’s innocent yet provocative...

Intense pink roses in a liquid for people who like to look good without feeling that they have "something" on their face ideal for  "make up - no make up look."
It reminds a little of blush that once has been released in a limited edition by Lancome but it was quickly sold out.

I will call it an upgraded cosmetic of our grandmothers - beet juice, but in the great modern version ;)
The smell of this reminds me of when I was a little girl and would grab roses from the garden and leave the petals in water to create my own perfume. It smell identical!
As a blush, Benetint is quite nice. It really lasts well on the cheeks. The consistency is extremely watery, and you do need to work quickly to blend it in as it dries fast, but I don't find this to be much of an inconvenience or problem. It dries rather matte, no shimmer or sheen really. Because of the watery consistency, it feels very light on the skin.
The key to this product is finding a good application routine. Benefit recommends applying three dabs to your cheeks and rubbing it in, but this can look spotty if you aren't quick enough.  I have found the best method, to use a dark-bristled flat foundation brush, run the benetint brush and wand over the last 3-5 cm of the foundation brush and then swirl on the apples of your cheeks and afterward lightly dab the brush up your cheekbones. This makes it mess free, precise and well-blended. No stained fingers and no spots!
 On the lips, it gives you that just bitten look that most lip tints can't pull off as naturally as Benetint.
The staying power on both lips and cheeks is excellent. You can eat, drink and do whatever you want, it will last the whole day. Of course, it will fade a little after 8 hours but it doesn't fade enough to make you look dulI...It works really well when you exfoliate your lips first and moisturise them before and after application as the tint is a little bit drying but then again, most tints are :)
Overall I do like it ,but not love it :)
All Benefit fans should try this. If you're unsure, go in store and ask for a sample.
The key here I guess, is try before you buy :)

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Clothing haul

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Hi Lovelies!!

I am so happy that we have so much sun lately here in UK .Finally I can hide all long sleeves ,woolly jumpers, scarfs and jacket deep in my wardrobe !! Yay !!
At the beginning of July I am going away to Mallorca on a long awaited hot summer holiday and I thought It is about time to start getting ready. I am definitely last minute person, and most times I either forget to buy something or got something spontaneous that usually end up not being used at all, so this year I've decided to actually do it a  month ahead, with clear mind and plenty of time to pick the right clothes.
Being lucky I find myself surrounded by sales, price reduction and buy 1 get one free offers, I didn't end up getting too much though, as I still have some time till my summer vacation, and buying gradually is better than all at once for sure :)
I decided to take the leap and do my first clothing haul post :)
I hope you will enjoy it  :) Let me know what you think :)

I got this gorgeous dress from Primark for a bargain price of £5 :)  

Stripe Boobtube Bandeau Strapless Top Primark £3

Primark heeled sandals  £12

Gharani Strok London TK Maxx £12
Zebra segment necklace Primark £3

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wish wish wishlist :)

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Hello beauty lovers!!!

I cannot believe that June is here already? Seriously, this year is flying by!!
After seeing so many gorgeous beauty products on some of my favourite blogs I've decided to do a wish list of all the products I'm now lusting over :)

After reading an amazing review on Millie's blog Pearls and Poodles ( She is gorgeous I love her Blog!! ) I fell in love with Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm in 08 crystal berry .It looks like liquid frozen in time, and everything about it outward appearance says summer to me, I need it!!!

Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer is wonderful for that flawless, effortless look. Its not the cheapest, but I'll be happy spending money on quality especially since most of beauty blogger rave about it!

I recently noticed that there in no more room in my makeup bag for my small but yet fast growing makeup collection !!! This Muji drawer storage  it's not only extremely cute, but it will also help me keep my makeup organised and tidy at the same time :)

Being the blush addict that I am, I fell in love with Dollface innocent pink flush and I am now on a mission to get it!!  :)  I've heard so many positive words about Tarte Cosmetics, it would be a ''sin'' not to own at least one gorgeous blush :)

I have recently fallen in love with some pieces from Zara especially those Ankle strap sandals. I love how feminine they are and make feet look so elegant. A MUST HAVE for this summer!!

I do not own any purple ''ish'' blushes, I just haven't found the right one yet, they either were to dark or just not the colour I was looking for, until I saw this colour Gentle by MAC.  It’s a plum-tinged pink with fine gold shimmer, such an amazing colour!!

Clarionic has been on my list since I ever heard about it, everybody who owns it ,loves it!!! I would love to treat my skin well by cleansing in completely.:)

MAC 224 it's a must have from MAC brushes! It blends anything in an INSTANT! It also works as a good crease brush! Mac brushes are amazing!! They're all so soft! This one would make a fine addition to my collection :)

And last but not least is another MAC product, Paint pot in Painterly,it is a favourite of so many - cream based multi purpose cosmetic item , fantastic  as an eye shadow base-primer :)

What have you been lusting over recently?Which items would you pick from my wish list?

Monday, 27 May 2013

Benefit POREfessional primer review

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...POREfessional is the UK's best-selling primer Quickly minimise the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin !

Despite having this product for a week , I am already in love with it!!
It does what it says - minimize pores - amazing!!!

Actually I think The Porefessional gives just the right amount of "porefection", the look of my skin is much improved when I wear this product, it really gets a near flawless look :)
I love the balm-like texture and how it looks tinted but goes on translucent.
I use it on my nose a little on my cheeks and forehead. I lightly pat it onto my skin. Don’t try to blend it out because it will disappear into nothing and lose its “pore covering” effect.  It feels really smooth and glides on easily when you apply it to skin. It is lightly scented but doesn't irritate at all.
As to covering pores,The Porefessional does diminish the look of them a good amount!!
I have combination skin, with a tendency to be a bit dry so I don't have large pores, but the ones I do have are still there upon close inspection, and this primer not only minimize my pores but it also mattify all the shine ! :)
Best of all you don't even need to use much of it, the product is so effective that only the tiniest amount is needed. By hiding my pores without clogging them, this product gives me the perfect base to go on with applying the rest of my face.  I've noticed that this primer does make my foundation last a little longer and you can barely see my pores!!

Yay for POREfection!!! :)

Benefit, you never let me down :) Thank you !

Friday, 24 May 2013

Benefit Fast Train to Fabulous

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Hi lovelies :)

I received this from my mother-in-law or as I like to call her ''my fairy'' as a gift, who somehow managed to still get it at Sephora, which was a total surprise for me,
because I know that this cute limited edition was released few months ago just before Christmas as one of Benefit's holiday season unbelievably fabulous gift sets.
Oh well, it's never too late for a nice surprise, isn't it ? :) :):)
Benefit's Fast Train to Fabulous gift set contains three of the brands best selling face essentials products, including full-size Benetint cheek tint, POREfessional pore-minimizing primer, deluxe sample-sized versions of They’re Real! mascara, and a miniature Laugh With Me Lee Lee Eau de toilette too ,all beautifully presented in a reusable carry case.

I'll be popping up some individual reviews in due course, as for now you can find review and photos of  Benefit They're Real! Mascara  in my blog ---> HERE . :)  :)

Have you tried any of these? I can't wait to get my had on one of Benefit's well known products that beauty bloggers rave about POREfessional primer :)


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sleek '' ROSE GOLD ''

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For some women, doing their makeup takes up the better part of their morning routine, while for others, it’s an afterthought that requires a simple glossing of the lips and a couple swipes of mascara.  If I could only use one makeup product before leaving the house every day, without a doubt it would be a blush !!!

Blushes are my weakness, I can never get enough of them !!

Sleek blush in Rose Gold is probably the most well known of Sleek blushes as it has been compared to the famous NARS Orgasm as a dupe by many bloggers. I own it for over a year now, and have to say is very unique and MUST have for sure!! :)

Rose Gold is a peachy-pink with a coral undertone that also has a very strong golden sheen running through it.
It is crazily pigmented, the powder feels creamy, satin smooth and finely milled, which means it is a dream to apply and blend as it goes effortlessly on the skin.

With this blush you don’t need a highlighter as its sheen gives the pop you get it from highlighter.
Rose Gold is very affordable and it comes in a great amount of product. It will last FOREVER !!!

I am personally in love with it ,and will definitely be buying more colours :)

Saturday, 18 May 2013

NEXT Swimwear collection 2013 - My favourites

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Hello lovelies!!

 It's this time of the year when people start booking holidays and talking of summer escapes, and I thought it's right time to feature some swimwear :)
Since my mind is already on summertime and time spent at the beach, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit.
I know that trend conscious women want to show their unique style wherever they go and even more so when going on holiday, so I put together an assortment of swimwear, inspired by NEXT to bring some fabulous style while sunbathing and swimming at home, or abroad. :)
Enjoy it :)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A little LUSH Haul with review

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Hello there lovelies!

Today I'm going to be doing a haul/review on all the stuff I got at Lush  (YAY!)
Lush has always been the centre of attention when it comes to Bath and Body in the UK.
I love lush. We all love lush. Right?

So here is what I got:

 ...if she’s gotta think, Think Pink!

My favourite bath bomb - Think Pink. I never go in to Lush shopping and not buy it!
Cute candy flowers and the scent of tonka and vanilla with a hint of neroli. What can I say? It smells delicious !!The unique touch with Think Pink is the red heart confetti which is released from the bomb whilst it's fizzing around the bath tub.
I love to lie in the bath and let it wrap me in a big pink hug :)

...Let the sun set around you as you let go of the day and drift off to a world of dreams...

Twilight it's the perfect way to end a long day :)
With lavender and tonka oils at the heart, there are also notes of caramel and malt to enhance a sense of comfort and reassurance.
This bath ballistic is AMAZING! Not only does it smell divine, it makes your bath sparkle! It first burst into pinks with little flashes of orange and ends with blue and a touch of glitter. I felt like a great goddess, bathing in the stars :)

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me…

Tisty Tosty is a ''love potion''  made with the scent of precious rose and orris root.  The flower of love, rose perfume is said to ease tension and give people happy, positive  feelings.
 It is beautiful and romantic. 
The ballistic doesn't colour the water like many of Lush's other bath bombs,but it has 7 mini rose buds that float in the water around. It feels quite luxurious :)

Berry yourself under a blanket of soft fruit foam...

Last but not least is my all time favourite  -The Comforter :)
Just as the name implies, this soap comforts you like a warm, familiar cotton blanket.
This bubble bar smells unbelievable - nice and sweet of parma violets  but once crumbled into hot running water it gives off a gorgeous  kind of a sugary blackcurrant aroma.The bar is huge and can be broken into pieces and reused for lots of baths. I love how it turn my bath water bright pink and create lots of lovely bubbles. I am in love with it !!

Have you tried anything from LUSH? What are your favorites?

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